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Published: 5/22/2017. Updated: 7/23/2021


​Date ​Information
23th July, 2021
New edition of the ACER Guidance on the application of REMIT published
​23th July, 2021
Annual report on electricity and natural gas markets submitted to the European Commission
​22th July, 2021
​NERC: the price difference between Lithuania and Latvia occurred due to the methodology used by Latvia and Estonia for calculation of cross-zonal capacity with Russia
​22th July, 2021
ACER decides on the definition of System Operation Regions
​22th July, 2021
​ACER consults on the harmonised allocation rules for long-term transmission rights
​21th June, 2021
ACER adopted a Decision on the amendments to the European methodology for coordinated security analysis
​12th May, 2021
REMIT News: ACER publishes its new REMIT Quarterly and an updated version of the ACER Guidance
​5th May, 2021
​ACER publishes updated guidance to facilitate REMIT transaction reporting
​15th April, 2021
ACER consults on the cross-zonal capacity allocation methodology for the exchange of balancing capacity in Baltic capacity calculation region
​15th March, 2021
NERC invites to participate in the public consultation announced by the finnish regulatory authority
​10th February, 2021
NERC's arguments have been confirmed: actual results indicate the need to continue negotiations to prevent the entry of the Belarusian electricity into the EU market
​9th February, 2021NERC: conditions are ensured for independent electricity demand aggregators to commence their activities
​29th January, 2021
REMIT News: ACER publishes its new REMIT Quarterly
​21th January, 2021
Mr. Renatas Pocius starts his duties as the Chair of National Energy Regulatory Council
​14th January, 2021
ACER sets the methodology for the use of congestion income

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