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Publikuoti: 7/2/2014. Atnaujinta:

The Natural Gas Sector in 2012

Market players

Thirty licenses have been issued in the natural gas sector where the NCCPE performs the regulation of 6 economic entities. 
The Natural Gas Exchange has been functioning since 1 March 2012, the operator of the Exchange is BALTPOOL UAB. On 9 November 2012 the NCCPE issued the license of the Natural Gas Market Operator to one more economic entity – UAB GET Baltic.


In 2012, the players operating in the natural gas import market imported 3 320.6 million m3 of natural gas, the weighted average price of the natural gas import  – LTL 1313 per thousand  m3.

Figure 1. Market shares held by natural gas importers in 2012, percent.


Source – Commission.

 In 2012, the volume of the natural gas transit reached 2 167 442 thousand m3, the volume of the natural gas transmission to domestic customers – 3 266 938 thousand m3.
The wholesale natural gas supply market has further remained rather small – in 2012 the quantity of the sold natural gas totaled 8.3 million m3; the quantity of natural gas supplied in the retail natural gas market was1614.0 million m3.
In 2012, the quantity of natural gas transported via the gas distribution system equaled 1 009.5 million m3.


The revenues in 2012 earned from the operations of the natural gas transmission to domestic customers equaled LTL 128.3 million.
The biggest share of the distribution market (97.3 percent) is held by AB Lietuvos dujos. In 2012, the revenues earned from the distribution operations were as high as LTL 180.7 million.
The revenues from natural gas sold in the wholesale supply market reached LTL 12.3 million.  
The revenues of the retail gas supply market players in 2012 earned from the natural gas supplied to household customers equaled LTL 232.5 million, the revenues from the supply to non-household customers group – LTL 1 966.4 million.


The investments in the natural gas sector in 2012 totaled LTL 156.2 million, from this amount LTL  109.1 million were invested in the transmission market, LTL 46.8 million – in the distribution market, LTL 0.31 million – in the supply market.