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Published: 10/19/2017. Updated: 2/3/2020

Network codes implementation


​26th July, 2019
Council extended the deadline to implement Baltic MNA proposal
​28th June, 2019
Approval of Methodology For Redispatching and Countertrading Cost Sharing
30th May, 2018
NCC approved all Baltic Transmission system operators proposal for cross-zonal capacity allocation
29th March, 2018
NCC approved Fallback procedures
​2th February, 2018
NCC approved all NEMOS' proposal for the day ahead products, intraday products and back-up methodology
​4th January, 2018
NCC approved TSOS’ proposal for amendment to include the upcoming BE-GB interconnector in the decision on capacity calculation regions
​12th January, 2017​NCC approved the generation and load data provision methodology
​19th October, 2017NCC confirmed that Epex Spot can provide day-ahead and intraday trading services in Lithuania
​​30th June, 2017NCC approved the Market Coupling Operator Plan
​15th June, 2017NCC approved Day-Ahead Firmness Deadline
​25th May, 2017​​​​NCC approved the Common Grid Model Methodology
​15th December​, 2015Nord Pool Spot AS designated as the nominated electricity market operator in Lithuania


​28th June, 2019
Decision on emerging technology classification withdrawal
18th January, 2018
​NCC approves the criteria to grant derogations
​7th August, 2017Regarding sales volumes of emerging technologies
​27th July, 2017The electricity generation module eVita was classified as an emerging technology


​27th March, 2019
NCC approved the requirements of general application regarding Network Code on Demand Connection (DCC)
​​24th January, 2018
​NCC approves the criteria to grant derogations


​7th May, 2019
​The common technical requirements for the connection of the power park modules to the network have been approved
18th January, 2018
​NCC approves the criteria to grant derogations

FCA implementation:

​1th March, 2018
​NCC approved the generation and load data provision methodology
12th May, 2017NCC takes decision to improve liquidity in the wholesale electricity market in Lithuania


​3th February, 2020
ACER adopts decisions towards a single EU electricity balancing market
​29th January, 2020
NERC approved all asynchronously connected TSOs’ proposal for common settlement rules for all unintended exchanges of energy between synchronous areas
​3th October, 2019
Approval of terms and conditions for balancing service providers
​28th June, 2019
Approval of Terms and Conditions for Balance Responsible Parties


​31th July, 2019
ACER adopts decisions on coordinated security analysis and relevance of assets for outage coordination in electricity
​17th January, 2019NCC approved Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR)
20th September, 2018NCC approved the common grid model methodology

List of the NCC approved power-generating modules (PGMs) classified as emerging technologies