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Published: 2/9/2014. Updated: 7/2/2019


Requirements for companies, which are seeking to obtain an independent power supply permit, are established by the Rules for issuing permits in the Lithuanian electricity sector. Companies that are seeking to obtain license for the electricity energy transmission, distribution or public supply must follow requirements established by the licensing rules for the activity in the Lithuanian electricity sector.

Independent energy supply activity


Persons wishing to obtain an independent power supply must submit following to the NERC:
1. Complete declaration form (EN).
2. Documentation confirming that entity is not facing bankruptcy, reorganization or liquidation procedures.

The right to engage in independent electricity supply activities shall be granted on the day following the submission of the declaration to the Commission or from the date indicated on the declaration, if this day is later than the day following the day on which the declaration was submitted to the Commission.

The Commission must, upon receipt of a personal declaration, not later than within 5 business days from the date of the person‘s right to carry out independent electricity supply operations, verify the information and documents presented in the declaration.

In electricity energy sector following activity is licensed: 



Requirements for companies seeking to get a certain licence are defined in the Licencing rules for activities in electricity sector issued on 2012 June 20th, by Government of Republic of Lithuania.
Person wishing to get, change, specify, issue a duplicate, stop or cancel certain licence must submit Commission following
application and follow other requirements defined in the Licencing rules for activities in electricity sector. Charges for these services are indicated in the Government rules.

List of independent electricity suppliers