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Publikuoti: 2/9/2014. Atnaujinta: 7/2/2019


The RES plant with installed capacity over 10 kW must to participate into the auction if it want to get a feed-in tariff.
The winner of the auction is that producer who has proposed the lowest preferred feed-tariff. If two or more auction’s participants have submitted proposals with the same preferred tariff, the winner will be that producer who offered to build the bigger RES plant (bigger installed capacity).
The auctions are organized as long as there is a free promotion quota. The amount of promoted quota had been set by Lithuanian government:
1. Wind energy:
a. Transmission system – 210 MW;
b. Distribution system – 50 MW;
2. Hydro energy – 14 MW;
3. Biomass – 105 MW;
4. Solar PV – 10 MW.
At this momemt any auctions are organized in the NERC. Quota for Biomass, Hydro, Solar PV and Wind energy power plants (transmission system) are already allocated.
the NERC starts to organize the auctions after gets a request from producer. During the period of 30 days the NERC approves the Auction’s specification. Auction’s specification show information about:
1. Type of RES technology;
2. Maximum capacity;
3. Maximum feed-in tariff;
4. Deadline for submission of documents and etc.
Producer who wants to participate in the auction must submit an initial proposal for a fixed-tariff and the auction documents in a separate envelope at the same time. Auction documents must be made in the Lithuanian language (documents written in a foreign language must be submitted together with their translations into the Lithuanian language, made by a certified translator) and contain:

Documents for the auction
1. Request to participate in the auction with indicated name, surname and address or name and registered office, code, position, the place where producer is planning to construct the plant, the capacity of plant and the region of auction;
2. Confirmation of that is not subject to liquidation proceedings or has been adjudged bankrupt;
3. Confirmation of new equipment and commitment to use all allocated quota;
4. Confirmation that producer did not take part in any national or local funding programme for RES development;
5. Details of the person(s) entitled to participate in the auction, along with a duly executed power of attorney, in the event that he/she is representative;
6. Protocol of intent signed with TSO or DSO with commitment to participate in the auction or duly certified copy;
7. Confirmation of security of obligation fulfillment for TSO or DSO (50 LTL/kWh or 14,48 Eur/kW guarantee fee);
8. Declaration from State Tax Inspectorate Under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania that producer is not in default with payment of any taxes (issued no later than 10 work days until the date of the auction document submit);
9. Declaration from State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and labour of the Republic of Lithuania that producer is not in default with payment of fees or premiums for social or medical insurance (issued no later than 10 work days until the date of the auction document submit);
10. If the producer is registered in another EU country it should submit the equivalent documents issued in the country where it is registered which confirmed that the producer has complied with the obligations imposed by paragraphs 8 and 9;
​11. Confirmation that participants are not suspected, accused or convicted;
​12. The list of related entities.

Auction applications should be submitted in writing in a single copy, in a sealed envelope, to The National Energy Regulatory Council:
Verkių str. 25C-1, LT-08223 Vilnius

The tariffs for the winner