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Published: 11/14/2017. Updated: 2/6/2019

The Board

​The decision-making body of the Regulator is the Board. NCC is composed of 5 Board members (Commisioners), who are appointed by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania on the nomination of the President of the Republic of Lithuania for a 5-year term.

Inga Žilienė
Chair of the Board
​Jonas Makauskas
Daputy Chair of the Board
Renatas Pocius
Member of the Board
Viktorija Sankauskaitė
Member of the Board
Donatas Jasas
Member of the Board


Commissioners supervise the following fields of activities:

The Chair Inga Žilienė heads the NCC's work.
Also supervises the issues concerning the activity of independent heat producers and estimation of district heating suppliers‘ submitted investment projects, examination of district heating consumers‘ complaints, the methodical and practical pricing issues of district heating and hot water supply sectors, and also the issues concerning scope of the Law on the Energy Resources Market of the Republic of Lithuania;

Commissioner Renatas Pocius supervises electricity sector;

Commissioner Donatas Jasas supervises the issues of independent heat suppliers;

Commissioner Jonas Makauskas supervises the issues of legislation and law application and natural gas sector;

Commissioner Viktorija Sankauskaitė supervises the examination of district heating consumers‘ complaints, the issues of heat distribution methods, drinking water supply and waste water treatment, transport and renewable energy sectors.