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Publikuoti: 10/23/2017. Atnaujinta: 10/23/2017

NCC approved the generation and load data provision methodology

NCC implements EU requirements for integration of a common regional electricity market. According to EU regulation 2015/1222 of July 24, 2015 establishing guidelines on capacity allocation and congestion management the generation and load data provision methodology provides rules for production and load data that are required to calculate capacity and allocate between individual systems that belong to the separate countries.

Approved Generation and Load Data provision methodology obligates responsible electricity entity to provide data on generation unit and load equipment technical characteristics, data related to the operational availability, information on generation unit working schedule and load distribution data to the transmission system operator.

The decision of the EU national regulatory authorities on the methodology of generation and load data provision was adopted on October 28, 2016 in the Energy Regulators Forum. According to the EU law, each regulatory agency has to approve the terms and conditions (or methodologies of) developed by transmission system operators and market operators at national level within six months. NCC approved the Generation and load data provision methodology on January 13, 2017.