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Publikuoti: 6/26/2020. Atnaujinta:

NERC invites market participants to participate in public consultation on REMIT Fees published by EC

NERC would like to inform that the open public consultation on the planned European Commission Decision setting the fees due to ACER for tasks under REMIT was launched on Monday, 8 June 2020.

It can be accessed via the following link:

ACER promotes the smooth and transparent running of wholesale energy markets in the EU, by helping national regulators ensure the law in each EU country is in line with EU energy policy goals, including market integration.

In Article 32(1) of Regulation (EU) 2019/942, at the request of European Parliament and Council, a new provision was introduced that fees shall be due to ACER for its tasks under Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 of 25 October 2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (“REMIT”). Pursuant to Article 32(2), those fees and the way in which they are to be paid, shall be set by the Commission. This initiative sets fees that energy operators or their representatives must pay to ACER for collecting, handling, processing and analysing the information that they report. It also lays down how the fees are to be paid.

Please note, that deadline for responses is 31 August 2020.