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Publikuoti: 11/5/2020. Atnaujinta:

NERC: With the start of Astravets Nuclear Power Plant and without the consensus on the new methodology of all Baltic regulators, the trading capacity with Russia shall be determined according to the current tripartite methodology

After the transmission system operators of Latvia and Estonia had released information that based on the new provisions of tripartite methodology confirmed by regulators of Latvia and Estonia they would conduct electricity trade with Russia from 5 November 2020, the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) informed the transmission system operators (TSOs), European Commission, and power exchange operator Nord Pool by providing its position on the matter (it can be found here).

NERC emphasises that the new tripartite methodology enters into force only when both conditions are met: 1)  The Methodology is agreed by the national regulatory authorities and; 2) The Belorussian NPP becomes operational.

It is noteworthy that NERC has not come to the decision concerning the beforementioned methodology; thus, based on the NERC's assessment, the new methodology cannot be applied and the old methodology, approved in 2018, should be viewed as valid, which states that with the start of Astravets NPP the trading capacity with third countries (not including Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia) of the Baltic States is equal to 0 MW.

It should be emphasised that from the moment of Astravets NPP launch, the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid, AB had successfully applied the provisions of the 2018 methodology, determining 0 MW trading capacity with the Russian Federation (except for the Kaliningrad Oblast) and Belarus. It is worth recalling, that due to the new methodology project NERC is holding a public consultation that will continue till 5th of November. NERC notes were also once more provided to TSOs.

NERC will continue its cooperation with respective institutions in improving the methodology, aiming to implement the requirement specified in the Law on Necessary Measures of Protection against the Threats Posed by Unsafe Nuclear Power Plants in Third Countries of the Republic of Lithuania that access to the electricity market of the Republic of Lithuania shall not be allowed for electricity from the third countries in which unsafe nuclear power plants operate, and establishing clear trading rules.