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Publikuoti: 8/31/2020. Atnaujinta:

NERC: network code on electricity emergency and restoration is implemented by Lithuanian TSO

National energy regulatory council (NERC), after assessing the standard conditions of the electricity transmission service agreement of AB LITGRID and proposals submitted on the provisions of the Regulation of European Commission, which regulate establishing a network code on electricity emergency and restoration, stated that the requirements have already been implemented in practice.

Lithuanian transmission system operator (TSO):
In the standard conditions of the electricity transmission services agreement has regulated the relations between TSO and the network user in the liquidation of emergency and the measures of system defence plan and restoration plan.
The TSO agreement with AB “Energijos skirstymo operatorius” is liquidation instructions of emergency and disorder, providing for the principles for the identification and conditions for disconnection and reconnection of significant grid users.
Provisions on the relationship between the TSO and the electricity grid user in the operation of electricity installations – defence, restoration service providers, the list of significant grid users responsible for implementing on their installations the measures that result from mandatory requirements and the list of the measures to be implemented by these significant grid users. Also, the list of high priority significant grid users or the principles applied to define those and the terms and conditions for disconnecting and re-energising the high priority grid users, test plan measures – regulated in the standard condition of electricity transmission service contracts.

When future legislative changes are made at national level to implement the EU Regulation, the TSO is obliged to resubmit revised proposals to NERC for approval in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation.

For further information on NERC`s decision of 28/08/2020 see here.