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Publikuoti: 10/16/2020. Atnaujinta:

NERC: Additional information is requested for the assessment of the methodology for calculation and allocation of cross-border capacity with Russia

The National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) has applied to the transmission system operator (TSO) LITGRID AB, which, together with Latvian and Estonian TSOs on 9 October 2020 prepared and submitted a draft of Terms, Conditions and Methodology on Cross-Zonal Capacity Calculation, Provision and Allocation with Russia  (you can download the relevant material here).

In the referral, the NERC specifies:

as no supporting information was provided with the draft Methodology, which was requested by the NERC in response to comments provided during the public consultation, therefore, the comments are requested to be re-assessed, in particular:

1) provide detailed information on the simulation of physical and commercial electricity flows of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia after the launch of the Astravyets nuclear power plant, as well as changes in the balances of the Baltic energy system after the launch of the Astravyets nuclear power plant, which would allow assessing the real impact of the formulas used in the Methodology and their components on the calculation of capacity with Russia;

2) to disclose the values of the components/parameters used in the capacity calculation formulas and provide explanations of how they will be determined.

NERC requests the data to be submitted by 21 October 2020.

Also, given that market participants indicated in the public consultation that insufficient information was provided on the technical (Total Transfer Capacity) and commercial interconnection capacities (Net Transfer Capacity) with third countries, it is not clear what would be projected capacities after Astravyets nuclear power plant launch, market participants and NERC have questions about the compatibility of the Methodology with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Necessary Measures of Protection against the Threats Posed by Unsafe Nuclear Power Plants in Third Countries and submit a proposal to organise a public hearing for market participants. NERC encourages LITGRID AB to continue the public consultation procedures, i.e. to publish the document and received comments/suggestions as soon as possible, as well as to organise a public hearing to stakeholders and electricity market participants together with Latvian and Estonian TSOs to present and explain the Methodology and planned changes and their impact on the capacity determination with third parties.