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Published: 10/8/2019. Updated:

National Energy Regulatory Council is hosting Baltic Energy Market Forum events in Vilnius

The National Energy Regulatory Council of the Republic of Lithuania is hosting the 10th Baltic Gas Market Forum, Baltic District Heating Forum and 27th Baltic Electricity Market Forum to be held respectively on 12 and 13 November 2019 at the hotel "Vilnius Grand Resort" in Vilnius, Lithuania (

The 10th Baltic Gas Market Forum is designed to cover the latest gas sector regulatory and infrastructure developments and the sector future challenges. The 27th Baltic Electricity Market Forum will focus on the implementation of network codes, updates on Nominated Electricity Market Operators' activities, as well the discussions on the future electricity market  design. The Baltic District Heating Forum will be dedicated to the initiatives promoting innovations and competition in the sector.

For more information please refer to the draft agenda of the 10th Baltic Gas Market Forum, 27th Baltic Electricity Market Forum and Baltic District Heating Forum. You could check regularly the agendas to see the latest updates.

The registration is required.

For more information, please contact Ms. Irma Vasarytė (