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Publikuoti: 3/27/2019. Atnaujinta: 3/27/2019

NCC approved the requirements of general application regarding Network Code on Demand Connection (DCC)

On 27th March 2019 NCC approved requirements of general application in accordance with Article 6(1) of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1388 of 17 August 2016 establishing a Network Code on Demand Connection.

Requirements of general application sets the main harmonised technical requirements which shall be applied to new transmission-connected demand facilities, new transmission-connected distribution facilities, new distribution systems, including new closed distribution systems, new demand units used by a demand facility or a closed distribution system to provide demand response services to relevant system operators and relevant TSOs.

Harmonised rules should provide a clear legal framework for grid connections, facilitate European Union-wide trade in electricity, ensure system security, facilitate the integration of renewable electricity sources, increase competition, and allow more efficient use of the network and resources, for the benefit of consumers.

The approved document can be found here.