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Publikuoti: 8/30/2019. Atnaujinta: 2/1/2024


Annual incentive amount of electricity from renewable energy sources

5 TWh
Quantity of electricity, which is produced and planned to be produced from renewable energy sources (Achieved quantity)

10,691 TWh

Remaining incentive amount0 TWh

*According to the provisions of the Law on Energetics of Renewable Sources Article 13 Paragraph 3, when 5 TWh is reached, incentives for new producers (excluding producing consumers) are no longer applicable and a new auction is not organized within the deadlines specified in the schedule.

**According to the Description of the procedure approved by the Minister of Energy, calculating the Achieved quantity, was evaluated until 2022  permits issued to develop electricity generation capacity and permits to generate electricity.​

Technologically neutral auction of electricity of renewable sources

INFORMATION ABOUT THE OF AUCTION, where provided quota to be distributed is 0,7 TWh.

According to the schedule for the allocation of promotion quotas for electricity generation from renewable sources for 2020–2022 approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, a new auction for the allocation of a promotion quota of 0.7 TWh is announced.

Information about the auction for the allocation of 0.7 TWh promotion quota
Auction name The year 2020 promotion quota allocation auction, in which will be distributed 0.7 TWh of electricity from renewable sources
Promotion quota0,7 TWh
Promotion perriod12 years from the date of issue of the permission for the winner to generate electricity .
Maximum price45,06 Eur/MWh
Reference price42,04 Eur/MWh
Maximum price premium3,02 EUR/MWh
Acceptance of documents

2020 August 25–31 (inclusive) in National energy regulatory council (address Verkių st. 25C-1, LT-08223 Vilnius) or sent by e-mail [email protected], during Council working hours (8.00 – 12.00 and 12.45 – 17.00 on Mondays – Thursdays; 8.00 – 12.00 and 12.45 – 15.45 on Fridays).
Time Zone Currently Being Used in Lithuania UTC+3 hours.

Public keys of the Secretary of the Auction Committee for encryption of the submitted data
Download (.zip)
Participation fee200 Eur

Luminor bank AS Lietuvos skyrius​, account nr.: LT934010049501288776

Secretary of the Auction Committee

Justina Malakauskaitė, telephone +370 5 213 5241 or +370 612 43 686

First meeting of the Auction Committee

The meeting will not take place
Meeting of the Auction Committee2th of September 2020 (Report of the meeting of Auction Comittee is available in Lithuanian here)
(The auction for renewable energy did not take place,
please find press release here).

 Auction documents

Description of the auction conditions (available in Lithuanian here).
Questions-answersAnswers to the most frequently asked questions in Lithuanian you may find here.
​The winner of the auction

On the 16th of January National energy regulatory council (NERC) announced the winner of the auction for the allocation of quotas for the promotion of electricity from renewable sources – UAB WINDFARM AKMENĖ ONE.

WINDFARM AKMENĖ ONE UAB, recognized as the winner of the auction, offered 0 Eur / MWh price premium to the market price and a maximum annual amount of electricity production - this participant will receive the entire 0.3 TWh incentive quota.

According to the Law on Renewable Energy, the operator must accept, transmit and / or distribute on a priority basis the total amount of electricity offered by the winner of the auction for 12 years from the start of electricity generation.

Offers from participants

A total of 7 bidders participated in the auction. Three bidders offered a price premium of 0 EUR / MWh to the market price, while others offered 0.56 EUR / MWh, 1.81 EUR / MWh, 1.91 EUR / MWh and 3.86 EUR / MWh (maximum possible price premium - 3.86 Eur / MWh).

Participants who offered the lowest price premium (0 Eur / MWh) to the market price submitted the revised bids. Taking into account that the offered lowest price premium was the same by all participants, the participant who offered the highest annual amount of electricity production was announced as the winner of the auction.

The auction for the allocation of the promotion quota for 0.3 TWh of renewable electricity was launched on 2th of September, 2019. The Auction was conducted in accordance with the Regulation of Auction of Incentive Quota of Electricity Production of Renewable Sources approved by the NERC.

Auction stages:
• 2019 September 2 - announcement of the Auction.
• 2019 November 11 – 2019 November 25 – acceptance of documents.
• 2019 November 26 – first meeting of the Auction committee.
• 2019 December 3 – December 12 – meetings of the Auction committee.
• 2019 December 18 – approval of the list of participants at the NERC meeting.
• 2019 December 20 – Stage I Committee of the Auction.
• 2019 December 24 – 2019 December 30 – submission of envelopes with revised tenders.
• 2020 January 7 – Meeting of the Auction stage II committee.
• 2020 January 16 – confirmation and announcement of the winner of the Auction.


More information is avialable in Lithuanian.

Legal Acts
Law on Energetics of Renewable Saurce(available in Lithuanian here)
Methodology on electricity market price and reference price setting, adopted by decision No. O3E-152, 24 May 2019 (available in Lithuanian here)
Methodology on maximum price of electricity, produced of renewable saurses, adopted by decision No. O3E-139, 20 May 2019 (available in Lithuanian here)
Examplary form of intent protocol of connection of electricity equipment to the electricity network, adopted by decision Nr. O3-163, 1 July, 2011 (new version adopted 26 April, 2019) (available in Lithuanian here)
Description of the rules of producers of electricity use of AB „Litgrid“ transmission network, adopted by decision No. O3E-197, 12 June, 2019 (available in Lithuanian here)
Regulation of auction of incentive quota of electricity production of renewable sources, adopted by decision Nr. O3-229, 29 July, 2011 (new version adopted 2 August, 2019) (available in Lithuanian here)

Maximum price of electricity of renewable sources​Reference price
45,06 Eur/MWh42,04 Eur/MWh
The maximum price and reference price are used to calculate the maximum price premium to the market price.

The maximum price is calculated as costs, necessary to produce 1 MWh electricity of renewable sources, using the most efficient technologies (in 2020 the solar and wind technologies were evaluated). Reference price is calculated as weighted average of 3 years market price, i.e. price, that person reasonably expects to get selling electricity  of renewable sources at the pool.​

The maximum premium, for which is announced the auction, is calculated as difference between maximum price and reference price. The participant of Auction provide the offers for wished price premium (it can be equal or less then maximum price premium). The winner is defined by the lowest offer, price premium is given for 12 years.

​Concrete value depends on the market (pool) prices, but in any case it cannot exceed maximum price. I.e. of the market prices exceeds set maximum price, the price premium is not paid, as persons costs are covered by market price.

Example of incentive scheme: maximum price, reference price and price premium


Scheme of winner determination

The common scheme shows common principles of winner determination. The process can differ in different situations. Detailed processes can be find in the annexes to common scheme (schemes are available only in Lithuanian). The examples in the annexes must be read not as the continuation of common scheme, but as entire process from the beginning (offers) to the end (determination of winner or (and) undistributed quota).

More information is available in Lithuanian.