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Publikuoti: 11/14/2017. Atnaujinta: 3/6/2019

Water sector


NERC performs these activities in Water and Wastewater management sector:
- Issues licenses, exercises control over the regulated activity;
- Approves the Methodology for Calculating Water Supply and Wastewater Management Prices;
- Verifies the compliance of the water and waste water management prices set by the Municipalities with the Laws;
- Coordinates water suppliers’ prices of the drinking water supply and wastewater management services, and exercises control over their application;
- Performs other functions prescribed by the laws and other legal acts.

In 2014, two new functions were assigned to the NERC – to approve the Methodology for Setting the Prices of the Surface Wastewater Management Services and to supervise how it is applied, to coordinate and approve the prices of the surface wastewater management services, and to supervise how they are applied.

The basic prices of the drinking water supply and wastewater management services is now set for a three-year period, and every year they are recalculated. This enables to ensure the reflection of the actually incurred costs in the prices of these services and to avoid the price jumps.

72 undertakings, the activity of which is regulated by the NERC, are operating in the municipal drinking water and wastewater management sector, and they are supplying the drinking water and wastewater management services to households and commercial customers. Undertakings provide services 1 040,8 thousand household customers and 38,1 thousand commercial customers. In 2016, the drinking water supply undertakings totally sold 99,73 million m3 of drinking water and sales of the wastewater treatment services totaled 95,47 million m3.

More information about Water and wastewater sector can be found in Lithuanian here.