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Publikuoti: 11/14/2017. Atnaujinta: 6/28/2019

Electricity sector

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NERC performs these activities in Electricity sector:
- Supervises the activity performed by the undertakings;
- Approves the Methodologies for Setting State Regulated Prices;
- Sets the prices and the prices caps;
- Exercises control over the application of the state-regulated prices and tariffs;
- Exercises control over the procedures of unbundling the vertically integrated undertakings;
- Issues the activity permits and/or licenses to the undertakings;
- Performs the researches of the wholesale and retail markets;
- Investigates the complaints and disputes of the energy undertakings and other legal acts.

NERC applies the incentive regulation, i.e. sets the price caps of the regulated prices of the services provided by the energy undertakings, which, after reaching the set efficiency of their operations, enable the electricity undertakings to reduce costs thus ensuring benefits to the customers.

Our decisions made in 2014 in the field of the costs accounting and pricing supervision enabled the electricity customers to save 103 million EUR.
At the moment 1 884 players are operating in the electricity market of Lithuania: 1 835 of them are producers of electricity, 1 entity operating the transmission network by the proprietary right, 6 entities operating the distribution networks, 5 entities performing the public supply function. There are 37 independent suppliers operating in the electricity market, which held the issued licenses/permits, and 19 of them were active.

The biggest part of the electricity produced and imported in Lithuania is consumed by industrial customers, and approx. 26,5 percent of the consumed electricity is assigned to household customers.

More information about Electricity sector can be found in Lithuanian here.