Issuing of a certificate on former wages and/or seniority


by the Order No O1E- 

of the Chair of National Energy Regulatory Council

of        December 2019








1.Name of the service
Issuing of a certificate on former wages and/or seniority.
2.Recipients of the serviceNatural persons
3.Type of the service: electronic/non-electronic serviceNon-electronic service
3.1.Link to the e-service (if the service is electronic) 
3.2.Link to the application form/forms (if the service is non-electronic)A free-format application
4.Duration of the service provisionThe certificate shall be drawn up within 20 working days of receipt of the request.
5.Price of the serviceThe administrative service is provided free of charge.
6.Methods and procedure of payment for the service (including payment for foreigners) 
7.Description of the service provision process

An application for the issue of a certificate about the former employee's calculated and paid salary and/or length of service may be submitted in person by coming to the Council, by courier, sending the application by post or by electronic means.

The answer shall be given on arrival at the Council, be sent by post, courier or electronically. If the application does not specify the manner in which the certificate is to be presented, the certificate shall be provided in the same way as the application.

8.Information and documents to be provided by the person

A free-form application stating the name, address, telephone number and/or other contact details of the person, the period for which the certificate is requested, the name of the former workplace and the name of the institution to receive the certificate.

The specialist examining the application shall have the right to request additional proof of identity where there is doubt about it.

9.Contact information of the service provider (position, name and surname, e-mail, phone number of the responsible employee)

Specialists in the Council's Public Procurement and Personnel Management and Finance Divisions.

Contact information is available on the website of the Council at http://www.vert.lt/lt/struktura-ir-kontaktai/kontaktai

10.Appeal procedure against actions (inactions) of the service provider

In accordance with the procedure and conditions established by the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania.


11.Contact details of organizations that can provide necessary information or practical assistance to recipients (if it is known about such organisations) 
12.Legislation regulating the provision of the administrative service

1. The Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania;

2. Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Right to Obtain Information From State and Municipal Institutions and Agencies;

3. Rules for the examination of persons' applications and their serving in public administration institutions, bodies and other public administration entities approved by Resolution No. 875 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 22 August 2007 "On the Approval of the Rules for the Processing of Persons' Requests and Their Serving in Public Administrations, Bodies and Other Entities".