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Published: 5/22/2017. Updated: 11/14/2017


Press release:

​Date ​Information
​10th November, 2017​Traditional Baltic Gas Market Forum and Baltic Electricity Market Forum events hosted in Vilnius
​27th October, 2017ACER and CEER presented 6th edition of Market Monitoring Report
​23rd October, 2017NCC takes decision to improve liquidity in the wholesale market in Lithuania
​23rd October, 2017NCC approved the generation and load data provision methodology
​19th October, 2017NCC confirmed that Epex Spot can provide day-ahead and intraday trading services in Lithuania
​11th September, 2017 Energy Regulators of the Baltic States and Finland Agree on the Pricing of Services of Natural Gas Transmission in the Regional Market
​7th August, 2017Regarding sales volumes of emerging technologies
​2nd August, 2017Annual Report on Electricity and Natural Gas Markets of the Republic of Lithuania
​28th July, 2017The electricity generation module eVita was classified as an emerging technology
​30th June, 2017NCC approved the Market Coupling Operator Plan
​22nd June, 2017AB „Amber Grid“ – obliged to publish information for the market participants
​15th June, 2017NCC approved Day-Ahead Firmness Deadline
​13th June, 2017EPEX SPOT SE aims to start day-ahead and intraday trading services with delivery in Lithuanian Price Area
​7th June, 2017Our representatives took part in ​Citizens' Energy Forum in London
​6th June, 2017The new version of transmission system operator‘s access rules
​29th May, 2017​​NCC approved the Common Grid Model Methodology
​​​29th May, 2017​​​Litgrid, AB, breached the REMIT regulation

Public consultations:

​9th October, 2017NCC is launching a public consultation for the criteria to grant derogations
​5th October, 2017Public consultation on the Rules for Natural Gas Transmission System Balancing
​5th October, 2017Public consultation on the Amendment of Methodology of Electricity Balancing​
​21st June, 2017Public consultation on the Requirements for the transmission and distribution system operator's access rules
​2oth June, 2017Public consultation on the Main principles of entry-exit system in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland is open until 20th July
​13th June, 2017​A public consultation is now open on the European Commission's Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) strategy
​13th June, 2017CEER has launched public consultation on its activities for 2018
​22nd May, 2017

Public Consultation on Amendment of UAB GET Baltic Regulation of Trading on the Natural Gas Exchange