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Published: 2/9/2014. Updated: 10/9/2018

Licence / permission holders

Legal persons seeking to engage in transmission, liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification, storage, distribution, system operator activity must receive a license for the appropriate activity. The following activities shall be subject to licensing in the natural gas sector:

  1. transmission;
  2. distribution;
  3. storage;
  4. LNG regasification.

Separate licenses are issued to engage in each type of the activities. Natural gas supply (except trading in natural gas exchange and gas stations) is regulated by permissions.

License/ permisssion holders for the supply of natural gas

No.       Company nameLicense / permission
Date of issue and Commission resolution numberLast modification date and resolution number
1.AB agrofirma „Josvainiai“L2-GDT-0321st August 2002 resolution No. 7815th March 2008 resolution No. O3-39
2.UAB „Prekybos namai Giro“L2-GDT-0428th August 2002 resolution No. 8123rd September 2008 resolution No. O3-273
License suspended on 23th September 2016 by resolution No. O3-273
3.UAB „Dujotekana“L2-GDT-058th October 2002 resolution No. 9022th May 2008  resolution No.O3-63
4.AB „Achema“L2-GDT-0821st November 2002 resolution No. 10427th March 2008 resolution No.O3-42
5.UAB „Intergas“L2-GDT-0921st November 2002 resolution No. 1062nd July 2009 resolution No. O3-94
6.UAB „Haupas“L2-GDT-125th August 2003 resolution No. O3-5125th April 2008 resolution No. O3-52
7.UAB „Kauno termofikacijos elektrinė“L2-GDT-158th May 2008 resolution No. O3-55
8.UAB „Fortum Heat Lietuva“L2-GDT-161st October 2009 resolution No. O3-145
Licence valid since the 1st January 2010
9.UAB „Imlitex“L2-17 (GDT)22th November 2010 resolution No. O3-291
10.AB „Lietuvos energija“L2-18 (GDT)29th December 2011 resolution No. O3-447
11. UAB „Scener“L2-19 (GDT)26th April 2012 resolution No. O3-100
Licence was changed on 31st March 2017 by resolution No O3-104.
8th November 2012 resolution No. O3-347
12. UAB „Enefit“L2-20 (GDT)7th July 2012 resolution No. O3-215
13. UAB „Grata group“L2-22 (GDT)Leidimas panaikintas atsižvelgiant į UAB „Grata group“ 2018 m. kovo 5 d. prašymą Nr. 18/03-05.
14th January 2013 resolution No. O3-1
24th March 2014 resolution No. O3-80
14. AB „Panevėžio energija“L2-24 (GDT)11th April 2013  resolution No. O3-114License suspended on 10th February 2016 by resolution No. O3-51.
15. UAB „ENERTY“L2-25 (GDT)20th June 2013  resolution No. O3-2374th June 2014, resolution No. O3-156
License was revised.
License suspended on 21st October 2016 by resolution No. O3-323.
16. UAB „Energijos tiekimas“L2-27 (GDT)13th September 2013 resolution No. O3-366License suspended on 21st October 2016 by resolution No. O3-322.
17. UAB „Energijos kodas“L2-28 (GDT)20th September 2013 resolution No. O3-384
18.AB „Šiaulių energija“L2-30 (GDT)14th November 2013 resolution No. O3-678License suspended on 17th August 2017 by resolution No. O3E-370
19.UAB „Geros dujos“L2-32 (GDT)21st November 2013 resolution No. O3-69130th January 2015
No. O3-164
20. UAB „Litgas“L2-33 (GDT)27th December 2013 resolution No. O3-756
21.  UAB „European Gas Trading Group“L2-35 (GDT)13th February 2014 resolution No. O3-47
22.UAB „Lietuvos energijos tiekimas“L2-37 (GDT)13th October 2014 resolution No. O3-824
23.UAB „Vokadis“L2-41 (GDT)13th November 2015 resolution No. O3-599
24.UAB koncernas „Achemos grupė“L2-42 (GDT)28th December 2015 resolution No. O3-690
25.UAB „Elektrum Lietuva“L2-43 (GDT)12th August 2016 resolution No. O3-91 
26.UAB „MET Lithuania“L2-44 (GDT)22nd June 2017 resolution No. O3E-274
27.AS „Latvijas Gaze“L2-45 (GDT)27th July 2017 resolution No. O3E-340
28.„Verum Plus“ AGL2-46 (GDT)27th July 2017 resolution No. O3E-339
29.UAB  „JetGas"L2-47 (GDT)17th August 2017 resolution No. O3E-368
30.UAB „Achema Gas Trade“L2-48 (GDT)17th August 2017 resolution No. O3E-369
31.Alpiq Energy SEL2-49 (GDT)10th November 2017 resolution No. O3E-40
32.Eesti Energia ASL2-50 (GDT)22nd December 2017 resolution No. O3E-623
​33.​UAB „Arontera“​L2-51 (GDT)​4th January, 2018
​34.​​CRYOGAS M&T POLAND S.A.​L2-52 (GDT)​12th March, 2018
​35.​ČEZ, a. s.​L2-53 (GDT)​18th April, 2018
​36.​AS AJ Power Gas​L2-54 (GDT)​30th May, 2018
​37.​UAB „SG dujos“​L2-55 (GDT)​14th June, 2018
​38.UAB „Viva Grid“​​​L2-56 (GDT)​29th June, 2018
​39.UAB „Dolaurus“​
​​L2-57 (GDT)​23rd July, 2018
UAB „EG Energija“
​L2-58 (GDT)
​26th September, 2018

 License holders for the natural gas distribution

No.         Company nameLicense numberDate of issue and Commission resolution numberLast modification date and resolution number
1.AB agrofirma „Josvainiai“L2-GDS-0321st August 2002 
No. 78
15th March 2008 
No. O3-39
2.AB „Achema“L2-GDS-0421st November 2002 
No. 104
27th March 2008 
3.UAB „Intergas“L2-GDS-0521st November 2002 
No. 106
2nd July 2009 
No. O3-94
4.UAB „Fortum Heat Lietuva“L2-GDS-081st October 2009-10 
No. O3-145
5.AB „Energijos skirstymo operatorius“L2-GDS-0930th December 2015 
No. O3-692
12th January 2017
No. O3-13

License holders for the natural gas transmission

No.Company nameLicense numberDate of issue and Commission resolution numberLast modification date and resolution numberLicensed operating area
1.AB „Amber Grid“L2-3 (GDP)

10th April 2015 resolution No. O3-242

Alytaus, Kauno, Klaipėdos, Marijampolės, Panevėžio, Šiaulių, Tauragės, Telšių, Utenos, Vilniaus provinces.

 License holders for the natural gas market operator

No.Company nameLicense numberDate of issue and Commission resolution number
1. UAB „GET Baltic“L2-2 (GDRO)9th November 2012 No. O3-346

 License holders for the LNG regasification

No.Company nameLicense numberDate of issue and Commission resolution number
1.AB „Klaipėdos nafta“L2-GDSK-0127th November 2014 No. O3-907