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Published: 11/14/2017. Updated:

International cooperation

The NCC cooperates with regulators of other countries in all regulated public service sectors.

The NCC actively participates in the European Union energy regulators' organisations (CEER and ACER).  The purpose of ACER is to assist the regulatory authorities in exercising, at EU level, the regulatory tasks performed in the Member States and, where necessary, to coordinate their actions. CEER, complementing the work of ACER, is focusing on consumer issues, international cooperation, smart grids and sustainability.

In order to exchange the best regulatory practices, our representatives also participate in ERRA and WAREG.

The regional cooperation is becoming more important in implementing the goal to integrate gas and electricity markets into European network. NCC representatives are actively involved in Regional Gas Market Coordination Group established under BEMIP initiative. As well actively participate in Baltic Capacity Calculation Region task forces responsible for the implementation of electricity sector network codes and guidelines at regional level.

The bilateral cooperation is aimed to share the best practices and knowledge of NCC. Various missions of NCC experts are organized in the framework of TAIEX, ERRA exchange programmes and EU institutional cooperation  framework as Twinning.